Alyssa K. Whitcraft

Department of geographical SCIENCES

University of Maryland, College Park


I am a doctoral student studying Geography at UMD, College Park.

My research focuses on agriculture. While I am very interested in methods and drivers of land management (the hyper-local to regional “how” and the “why”), I have spent my time trying to understand and improve Earth observation requirements for the purpose of global agricultural monitoring.

My passion for agriculture stems from my family’s viticulture business, from an undergraduate degree in International Development Studies, and from a long-standing fascination with methods of maintaining livelihoods. A double-major in Geography/Environmental Studies turned my attention toward remote sensing and geospatial methodologies, and showed the importance of spatial thinking in global problem-solving.

On a personal note, I love all things gastronomical, my family, my friends, dogs (support a rescue organization near you!), agriculture, traveling, the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, talking to strangers, the color green, Geography, my hometown (Santa Barbara), my alma mater (UCLA), snowboarding, reading, writing, singing, and dancing.

Please enjoy my site and have a mindful day!


4321 Hartwick Road

Dept. of Geographical Sciences

College Park, MD 20742


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